$10K MRR with 8 followers
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$10K MRR with 8 followers

originally posted on IndieHackers; a great community to find inspiration

To my 8 followers, across all social platforms...

This month we are hitting a $10K MRR for the first time and to unwind, I've decided to write this little update; without preparation, without editing, just whatever comes to mind. This is not a promotional post nor a cry for attention although if I didn't want the second, I would probably not write anything as I did before :) Nevertheless...

I have joined this community several months ago, when our product Interviewy was little by little taking off the ground after being developed for quite some time. This was initially a side project that I have tried to juggle while working full-time on the previous startup - another "unsexy" product that was a huge value to one industry but is unknown to many. As a developer and technical co-founder of multiple products, I've secretly wanted a very minor recognition in the community by building an indie SaaS product and making it successful. The question is: how can you get this recognition if you are not being social enough for people to know you (and your product) exists? :)

In March of last year, after 10 years working and taking to success my previous startup, I left the company. The main reason for my decision was huge amount of stress that I was getting from working with large, corporates clients; a completely opposite of what I have envision when I got involved back in 2010. Over those years, I have tried to open another door for myself by building side projects: hosting platform, discount app, live chat and support, mobile game, and a few others. Then it hit me that health and doing what I enjoy is more important to me than dedication to a startup that no longer followed the values with which it began its existence.

Interviewy is a platform that combines job search with recruiting tools for employers in a restaurant industry. Does the previous sentence describe a "sexy" product? Hell no! In one of the conversations with a friend of mine, he asked "an hourly job search can be made sexy?" to which I laughed because this question is my answer - "yes, I am working on another unsexy product".

Joining this community my goal was to find a micro SaaS idea which I can build yet again as a side project, ignoring the fact that taking the concentration away to another project might ruin the one I have started, but not finished. I am not going to go into the details about my personality to avoid making this a psychology post, but I do sometimes take on more challenges than I should, although I never failed to deliver! While having free moments, I've opened posts here and there to read about indie hackers, their products, their road to success, and genuinely been glad to see people find their path, although having a slight hint of jealousy that my idea was not as cool as BannerBear for example. After lots of sleepless nights, working and thinking, I've decided to remove my focus from what other people have built and concentrate on what I have created...and the results are paying off.

How did I transform my mind set from "unsexy" to "needed"? I took a step back and looked at our product to find the following:

  • We are helping people. Our product is helping people find jobs, while taking a tedious work of recruiting from those that don't want (and many of times don't know how) to do it. These people are restaurant managers that have enough stress on their hands, especially in the time of Covid.
  • Our customers are genuinely happy and we plan to keep it this way. We have had people write to our support channel just to thank us for making their day easier.
  • We are saving money while increasing revenue for local businesses that try hard to stay afloat in this pandemic while keeping the community happy and well fed. Yes, most of those are fast food joints (for now), but who argues that a good burger cannot bring a bit of warmth once in a while.
  • Our product uses some technologies behind the scenes that bigger companies can only plan for. To transform the hiring process and optimize managed recruiting solution for our own operation, we have created tools and integrated products which can easily become their own micro SaaS solutions.
  • We are happy with what we are doing, learning, growing, and transforming. By giving all of my time to the product that I almost discredited in my own head for being not "sexy" enough I have found my Zen, which have opened more opportunities and room for growth, proving once again that HARD work sometimes pays off more than a perfect idea or scenario of one's indie hacking journey (speaking for myself of course).

With the above said, a lot of work is to be done in the next months. We are signing more locations, talking to more business owners, and helping more people to find a job. From next week, we'll be doing it from our first office.

Let this be a post that stays here for my 8 followers and for myself to remind me that the grass is greener on this side. Look at what you have and use it to your advantage!