Konstantin Ivanov

Product Development. SaaS. Hiking.

What I am working on

Since 2020, I work on products that help people get hired. Through automation, AI, and other nifty tools we source top talent while helping companies interview thousands of candidates in many industries and departments, from New York to Tokyo. Interviewy and Referable .

Past Projects

Worked on many projects, some stashed, some failed, some are success. 

Mirabo Systems

Analytics and visualization platform for a lot of data in pharmaceutical companies. Lots of work, lots of clients, lots of everything. 

Co-founded, sold


Fly and sync. Real-time analytics platform for industrial IoT. Data lake inside data lake, all of which flows straight to machine learning engine. 

Funded, done and out


Hosting platform for Ghost, one of the coolest projects and a sincere attempt to build in public. The icon here, that is from Phantomus. Shut it down, but kept the artifacts.

You are here


Free contact form service which doesn't suck but is very outdated. It has been running since 2013 and is still used by some dedicated folks, but it will become something else in the future. 


Appointment scheduling and notification system for small business. Never seen the light, switched to a more "lucrative" idea. One of many micro-saas products that I have tried to create. 

Shut it down


Virtual closet, fashion inventory management, and CRM for boutique clothing stores. Created as web + IOS native application for iPad. 

Stashed, not funded


Best real-time deals wherever you are. Deals application for airport terminals with unique features such as reserve on arrival. 

Stashed, not funded


Game for chopping wood blocks for IOS devices. An interesting experiment working with game designer and developed on Lua. 

Stashed, not funded

Tickle Clothing

First independent project, became best friends with the designer. NYC-based, fully completed, never funded enough to take off. Competitor to Threadless. 

To be redone


Lots of consulting for public sector. NYC department of finance, NYS police, HHC...those are all still running the apps I've laid my hands on. Done as part of BearingPoint, Deloitte, and IBM. 


Hello World

A computer program that outputs the message "Hello, World!" to console log written in C++ without having a single idea who in the hell would use the black screen and for what.

In progress


In addition to building SaaS products, I run a unique consulting agency specific to restaurant and hospitality industries. To this day, we have helped to optimize processes, develop custom solutions, and automate day-to-day tasks for multiple franchise operators in the US. To find out more, visit StoreOps


For the past several years I take a month-long hike across the Balkan mountains, on the route of Kom-Emine. I prefer to walk alone. 

Get in touch


I try to stay accessible and respond to any inquiry directed my way. When time permits, I am available for consulting in multiple areas from product development to technical advice, architecture, and not afraid to get my hands dirty and write some code. Email me or contact me on twitter. Cheers.